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Betty's Books

Training Staff to Succeed with Volunteers

Training Staff to Succeed with Volunteers:  The 55-Minute Series 
Fully revised, with 12 topics to help you...
    - Tackle staff resistance to volunteers
    - Save Time
    - Gain the respect of your peers and executives

A complete electronic guide for delivering twelve 55-minute workshops to prepare all staff/leaders of volunteers for effective partnering with volunteers.  The work is done for you.      Available for licensing agreement Buy Now! 

Leading the Way to Successful Volunteer Involvement

Leading the Way to Successful Volunteer Involvement: Practical Tools for Busy Executives

Lay the foundation for achieving high impact with volunteer engagement

Incorporate volunteer engagement as a key ingredient in the overall strategy of carrying out your mission

Directors/managers of volunteer involvement:  Support your executives in carrying out their significant role in engaging volunteers!

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Photo of Fundraising Events Book by Betty Stallings

How to Produce Fabulous Fundraising Events: 
Reap Remarkable Results with Minimal Effor

If you ever experienced a fundraising event that was too much effort for the return, this book is for you!  You will want to share this book with everyone who leads fundraising events!

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  Betty Recommends
  Volunteer Management:  Mobilizing All the Resources of the Community 2nd Edition Volunteer Management - Mobilizing All the Resources of the Community 2nd Edition
by Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch

A detailed guide to developing and managing a volunteer program. It includes chapters on planning a high-impact volunteer program, creating motivating volunteer jobs, recruiting the right volunteers and tips on special supervisory situations such as event-based, youth or transitional volunteers. It also contains a large appendix of forms..

Available for licensing agreement  e-Product Only   Buy Now! 

  Better Safe...Risk Management in Volunteer Programs & Community Service Boomer Volunteer Engagement - Collaborate Today, Thrive Tomorrow
by Jill Friedman Fixler and Sandie Eichbert, with Gail Lorenz, CVA

Boomers have led change in every phase of their livesófrom the revolutionary social changes during their teens and young adulthood in the 1960s and 1970s to the unprecedented career mobility and the ongoing presence of women in the workforce that marked their professional lives in the 1980s and 1990s. Boomers want to be challenged. They want to leave a social legacy.  Learn how to harness Baby Boomer volunteer power.  This book shows you how.

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  Rants and Raves edited by Susan Ellis Rants and Raves Anthology: Whatís on the Minds of Leading Authors in the Volunteer World edited by Susan J. Ellis

he best-selling authors in the volunteer field were invited to share whatever "hot button" issue they felt deserved attention (whether good or bad). And they responded with ten essays on widely diverse subjects, yet together presenting a snapshot of volunteerism today. 

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  The (Help!) I-Donít-Have-Enough-Time Guide to Volunteer Management The (Help!) I-Donít-Have-Enough-Time Guide to Volunteer Management
by Katherine Noyes Campbell and Susan J. Ellis

Managing a volunteer program part-time? Or just not enough hours in a day? Full task analysis of the job of volunteer program manager, how to build a management team and engage volunteers in leadership of the program.

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  Volunteer Management Audit Volunteer Management Audit
Susan J. Ellis

A validating tool for analyzing the effectiveness of an organizationís volunteer management practices, with complete Scoresheets and instructions to conduct the process successfully.   Available for licensing agreement  e-Product Only   Buy Now! 

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